Still I Look To Find Reason

There's a song that'll be stuck in my head the rest of the day.  It came to mind as I was thinking about all the stuff that bloggers write about that has no bearing on the game.  I've done it before, and it's part of why I stopped writing for a while. 

The doldrums of worn out content are treacherous.  Sales, bloggers, add-ons - all wander, fold, resurge, or limp along until the next big opportunity.  I missed my mashup last week.  Partly because I was out of town.  Partly because I didn't have anything nice to say.  Partly because it was easier to just not deal with it.
You're either are nodding your head, swearing, or trying to figure it all out.  Don't sweat it.  Bad news is that I'm skipping the mashup again this week.  Good news is that I'm giving you a link to my glyph guide:

Enjoy.  Or don't.  Your competitors will read it.  I'm hitting 7k/day on glyphs.  I move DMC Trinkets at a rate of 50/month at a lowball-average of 5k each.  Who needs napkin math when you're turning out 450k in sales a month?  Profits are probably closer to 300k - from a single profession.  There's still the TCG and big-ticket flips, and w/e else.

Liquid - idk how much I have.  Haven't put it in the same place long enough to see if I cap.  There's roughly 2M between inventory and liquid, though, I'm pretty sure.  That's having done without the shuffle for a couple months.  Can't do much with gems when there's a guy camping 16 hours a day.

My main focus is personal stockpiling for 4.3 and leveling an army of alts.  I got the idea of having a GBank full of current mats as my personal reserve about a month ago.  It sure sounds nice, but ofc, I'd never pay retail for that.  I've got a RAF account that's patiently waiting for Actibli$$ to drop the price on Wrath to something more reasonable.  After that, I'll be dual-boxing a tank/dps combo another 4-5x through LFD until I have 7 more freshly-minted L80 toons.

And 4.3 I'm pumped about.  I've been reading boss guides, walking through strategies in my head.  The first 4 bosses seem doable in currrent gear wihtout much more than a good effort and some practice.  I never thought when I resolved to get the legendary daggers 2 months ago that I'd end up leading a 10-man raid from a PvP guild.  That we'd get Rag down and be fully geared in the 5-6 short lockouts we had left before walking in to Firelands.

It was a breath of fresh air that made raiding fun again.  My GM is also a nice guy, and I basically got to set the raid times, myself.  We try our hand at our first hardmodes tonight.  I'm also pumped about my buddy Kathroman, who is levelling a Shaman Ally-side on my server.  He's gonna run 3s with my brother and I (RLS, aka orange-cleave =P) and I'm really looking forward to that.

There's a lot to look forward to.  The least of which is off-loading my backlog of gems when that jackass camper runs out of stock on patch day.  But honestly, none of it has to do with gold or with blogging.  There's always been more to the game for me than that, and it's time like these where that extra clarity serves me well and reminds me not to worry about the other stuff  that gets thrust through the blog rolls at us, no matter how far OT it goes.

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