Another Week

Well, it's the end of the week (no Tuesday post), and I'm about RP'ed out.  Long week, long day.  I had a lot more typed up for today's post, but I decided to make some changes and scuttle one of my "targets", so I scrubbed those writeups.  I'm not inclined to write about Pandas or Pokemon, but I think that 5.0 will be a lot of fun.  Without further rambling...

I have to admire the guy's tenacity.  Critical makes a lot of posts.  I don't personally agree with walling, but I believe it has its place in certain situations.  Myself, I have the capacity to post glyphs throughout the day, so I usually don't need walls.  I also don't cancel my auctions, which sets up a sort of de facto wall, as I continue to undercut.

I have a full stack of ~240 different glyphs, though, and a stockpile of 12k+ Blackfallow inks - that amount of inventory allows me to post 12+ cycles a day and not have to cancel. 

Critical does a great job explaining in what situations his walling technique is useful in this post.  Critical's main message - to think for yourself - is the best advice a blogger can give.

A neat post about how the pros could counter critical's walling strat.  However, if Jafo is selling all glyphs, I could bring his operations to a standstill by listing craptacular trainer glyphs at 2s, and buying every undercut he posts.  Regular sales over costs subsidize bad sales under costs, but if I tip the scales and force him to craft 700 Glyph of Weaksauce every couple weeks, he's taken a huge loss on his inks with no accompanying demand in profitable glyphs to recover.

Would Jafo notice if someone bought 700 glyphs of weaksauce?  Probably.  But - his post was "just-sayin..." so I'm "just-sayin..."

Kaliope uses the hilt of Thuderfury to nail the Diet of Crafters to the door of Blizzard HQ, outlining her beefs with the current profession setup.

Chaos orbs are a bit crazy now, but that should change when they go BoE.  As for Scribes - they take a significant investment to run properly, but when you're firing on all cylinders, they make bank.  Stupid, filthy, bank.  Kaliope misses the mark completely in saying inscription is not viable.  It is not for the faint of heart, and is not a profession you want to mess with if you only want to post 1-3x a day.  Finally, the lack of Epics from JC is a pain, but... we make a good bit of gold anyway.

I like Foo, but I have to disagree here.  Toons will not be leaving gear ungemmed.  This is Cataclysm, not Wrath.  You will not be replacing gear that quickly, lots of folks have lots of gold, and dungeons are just gonna be harder if you're not gemmed.  I don't think the cut rares business is in any trouble.  Indeed, I think it will see it's best days ever in the first month of 4.3.

Flux has an excellent guest post featuring a video guide on how to use The Undermine Journal.

Quietly Now Find Your Swords Week 1

The ship smelled of dank lumber, steeped in years of trading winds and salt.  The sky was dark as the ship drifted, sails lowered; waiting for the coming caravels of the crowns that still dared to fly their banner.  The sea began to tremble, building quickly to rabid furor.  "Man the cannon!!  We're besieged by the depths!"  "The Krakken!" came the cries of the watch.  The watch - where was he?  Why wasn't he at the crow's nest where from his voice called?

"Cap'n - cap'n!" a voice whispered as the shaking woke him from sleep.  "They be coming, my cap'n - Frew can hear the ruddeh."  First light had broken, but the unseasoned would not have realized, as The Revenge sat at the edge of the heavy fog, just outside the bay.  Stealth was imperative as the captain's spies had recently reported the landside fortifications had been upgraded to rifled cannon, putting The Revenge well within their range.

"What be the orders, captain?"

"Ready the men for boarding."

Riches and Plunder

Aleithia has a great post on how to make gold with Alchemy.  This is a quality post, and is worth a read for anyone who's looking to maximize their potential revenues from an alchemist.

Alerick takes us back to the old-world bread and butter of scrolls - BoA Enchants.  Since BoAs have an item level of 1, they cannot be enchanted with most of the enchants in the game.  A lot of the best enchants are gated behind old-world reputation, that's only a modest grind.  This creates a nice niche market with high profits and decent volume.  Alerick gives a good recap of what enchants are best for folks re-rolling BoAs.

Cold has a better index of all recent posts concerning epic gems than I do.  Just don't expect to get rich on patch day - blue posts indicate that epic gems will be h-e-a-v-i-l-y gated.  The current shuffle will live on quite some time.  There's still no word on how to obtain the transmute recipes, and that will have the largest impact on the supply of these.  In the meantime, keep doing your dailies

Basic stuff is basic.  Right?  Well, yeah, but basics are fundamental to gold-making.  When you've been around as long as Cold, you can dig up quality posts and re-use them on a Friday.  A good discussion about selling at normal prices and how to find 'normal'.

Kuja has a nice idea, but I think you guys are going to want to check the math on your server.  The mats for this novelty potion aren't universally cheap, and depending on the competition, the margins might not be there.  Still, a decent, original tip from Kuja.

The Consortium
(The Consortium is the single best gold-making discussion site in the history of WoW.  The amount of in-depth discussion and detailed guides rivals many paid guides that you see advertised around the blogosphere - except that the Consortium is free.)

Making Gold from Hallow's End
Grey gives a nice breakdown on how to make some gold on the side during Hallow's End.

Icy Prisms, WotLK Gems, and Reviving the Saronite Shuffle
Rabbel opens a good discussion on prospecting saronite to feed icy prism production in his/her WotLK Epic Gems market - which seems to be highly lucrative.

Non-Gold Stuff

As you may know, my main is a Rogue.  Scroll down to see Vodka's screenshot of the entry-level daggers for the Legendary Quest Line.  Shineh purplez!

Breaking us down with your lies, lies, lies - when will you learn?  Blizzard once again proves to us all that, too often, it is completely full of shit.  First, let's take a deep breath and realize that this was written by Blizz's PR department.  That is, the Karl Rove of Actiblizz.  Now, let's rip into it.

Are accounts targeted to be hacked?  Depends on who you ask in Blizzard.  My brother was hacked two weeks ago and specifically asked the GM in live chat if he might have been targeted due to barking a Mottled Drake for 150k in Trade Chat.  The GM assured him that hacks are almost always random.

Are Farmers a small percentage?  Probably of the playerbase, but they're definitely not a small percentage of the AH-Cata-Mats economy.  Any goblin knows this to be false.

Is most gold sold for real money the result of account compromises?  Highly doubtful.  Of course, Blizzard is in a better posiiton to answer this than I am, but I keep tabs on the WoW undergound, and I can tell you that most gold is sold by farmers to goldsites who sell it back to buyers.  A majority of the transactions aren't "scams" - the entire system is built on trust, since a single report or trojan would scare everyone away.  Is it safe?  Hell no - buyer beware.  Is there a "legit" underground gold market?  Of course, and it's thriving.  You don't develop a 100-million-dollar business sector by screwing over your customers.

And then at the end, Blizzard pretty much says, "Yeah, it can be called gold-selling, but it's legit and safe, and a poor noob doesn't get his account hacked in order for you to buy this."  Give me a break.  Translation, "Our Activision overlords decided that we were leaving too much money on the table, and figured this was the easiest way to get more cash.  It also figures into our continuing strategy of monetization, and gives suckers the idea that we're 'working against the bots'."  More spin than a Roger Clemens testimon- err... curveball.

Gevlon asks if "the dance" has a place in hard modes, but I wasn't able to see a clear answer.  I'd say "yes".  Being able to dance while maxing damage is a good indicator of a deep degree of skill and understanding of your class, its utility, and its priority.  Gevlon made the pointearlier in the week that Normals should just be tunneling a boss, so I'd like to think he agrees that the dance has a place.

Clearing the Smoke
Did I leave your blog out?  Check my profile, and shoot me an email to put a bullseye on yourself.  Odds are, you'll be in my crosshairs next time.